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    Founded in 1998, Hangzhou Fuyang Zhongrui Precision Hardware Processing Co. LTD specializes in processing precision axle products, medical equipment parts, non-standard parts, automotive parts, precision instrument parts, electrical hardware products, antenna copper parts and other products with high precision and difficulty.The products are widely used in electronic appliances....[detailed]

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  • CNC lathe24

    CNC lathe24

  • CNC lathe25

    亞遊CNC lathe25

  • CNC lathe26

    亞遊CNC lathe26

  • CNC lathe27

    CNC lathe27

  • CNC lathe28

    CNC lathe28

  • CNC lathe29

    亞遊CNC lathe29

  • CNC lathe30

    CNC lathe30

  • CNC lathe31

    CNC lathe31

  • CNC lathe32

    亞遊CNC lathe32

  • CNC lathe33

    CNC lathe33

  • CNC lathe34

    亞遊CNC lathe34

  • CNC lathe35

    CNC lathe35

  • CNC lathe36

    亞遊CNC lathe36

  • CNC lathe37

    CNC lathe37

  • CNC lathe38

    亞遊CNC lathe38

  • CNC lathe39

    CNC lathe39

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